Actichem’s advanced knowledge of Surfactant chemistry allows us to provide a broad range of formulated surfactants with diverse applications in Oil & Gas exploration and production environment.

Some key products in our range are:


Actichem ActiVES range of Viscoelastic Surfactants (VES) are designed to form a low, clear solution in concentrated acid, gels up when the acid is spent and breaks when it gets into contact with oil/condensate. Compared to other diverting mechanisms, VES is more effective and carries lower risk to formation damage.
Actichem offers VES for a wide range of temperature ranging upto 320 F.


ActiFoam range of amphoteric surfactants help lessen the fluid density, allowing gas to travel through the liquid cap and increase gas production.ActiFoam products have been successfully used to for de-liquificiation of condensate wells and reduce liquid loading. They are compatible with anionic, nonionic, amphoteric, and cationic surfactants. ActiFoam range products are readily biodegradable.

ActiSurf N

ActiSurf N is a nano-size surfactant formulation designed to enhance flow back after stimulation treatments and to increase productivity. ActiSurf N is compatible with fresh and high TDS produced water.

ActiSurf 250

ActiSurf 250 is a highly effective nano-surfactant. It is in the form of a nano-emulsion, with the internal phase composed of an environmentally friendly solvent. The product contains no nonylphenols, no methanol, non-flammable and not regulated for transportation

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Wellbore Clean-up Solvents

ActiSolv C

ActiSolv C is a solvent designed for the removal of paraffin and asphaltenes. ActiSolvC an also be used as a flush to clean out oil-based muds in cementing operations. ActiSolv C is a solvent that can also be used to clean equipment such as pumps and hoses.

ActiSolv M

ActiSolv M is a non-aromatic solvent used as an alternative to Xylene or Toluene in solvent washes and wellbore cleaning operations.ActiSolv M readily dissolves or disperses paraffinic deposits, heavy residual oil fractions, asphalts and waxes from oil wells.ActiSolv M does not contain any nonylphenol ethoxylate surfactants (NPEs) and is free of xylene and other low-molecular weight aromatic tainting chemicals.

ActiSolv SE

ActiSolv SE is a highly effective asphaltene dissolver. It is significantly less flammable than Xylene and Toluene. ActiSolv SE is a synergistic blend of a solvent and cosolvents for enhancing the asphaltene-solvency power. Its primary application is for removing organic deposits where the use of Xylene and Tolueneare restricted or prohibited.

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Corrosion and Scale Control

Actichem range of Corrosion and scale control products maintain asset integrity and extends the life of your infrastructure in the most challenging operating conditions seen in the industry. Our products are applied across a wide range to protect against acid, CO2 and H2S related corrosion. Our range of Scale control products include both inhibitors and dissolvers for a wide variety of scales.

Some key product in the range are:



ActiCOR ACS range of acid corrosion inhibitors are provides corrosion protection in HCl and HCl/HF blends. Our unique formulation is almost twice as efficient than traditional ACI products available in the market. ActiCOR ACS range of products are also compatible with our ActiVES range of Viscoelastic Surfactants.


ActiCOR ACP include a range of multifunctional Corrosion and Scale inhibition products. ActiCOR ACP products can be used in multiphase oil & gas production systems for the control of corrosion from CO2 and H2S. Our Produced water treatment solutions also have added advantage of Bacteria count reduction and O2 corrosion control. ActiCOR ACP range of products provide long lasting performance, high shear/ HT tolerance and ability to reach CR of 1 mpy.


ActiStim portfolio comprises a chelate based product series that dissolves a number of common oilfield scales, significantly reduces corrosion potential, meets strict HSE and environmental regulations and field proven – used as descaling fluid in wells with ESP in place with excellent cost-effective results. ActiStim products interacts with elastomers the same as water. The products are gentle to ESP cable, with no noticeable erosion during treatment.

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Polymers and Co-polymers


ActiFLAC range of proprietary polymer blends are designed to provide Fluid Loss control in cement slurries for temperatures ranging from 27 degC to 204 degC. ActiFLAC additive has also been tested to provide excellent performance in wide range of slurry densities. ActiFLAC can either be mixed with water or dry blended with cement. ActiFLAC is a high molecular weight, water soluble polymer with fluid loss properties observed at concentrations ranging from 0.1% to 0.8% BWOC, depending on temperature, slurry density, porosity and mix water.


ActiBLOCK range contains stabilized SBR Latex emulsions are designed to create an impermeable barrier against the formation gas to protect against annular gas migration during well cementing. In addition to gas migration control, ActiBLOCK also results in improved bonding of cement to the casing and also provide fluid loss control to the slurry.
ActiBLOCK range are known to outperform several competing products in applications upto 149 degC (300 degF) and across different salinity.

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Biocides and H2S Control

ActiCide MB

ActiCide MB is an innovative solution with a broad potential and added value in upstream, midstream, downstream and fuel applications. ActiCide MB is fully oil and water soluble, has broad temperature application range up to 160 °C, shows excellent performance in multiphase systems and has wide pH tolerance. In addition to having fast reaction kinetics,ActiCide MB is non-sensitising by inhalation, non-bio accumulating and readily biodegradable according to OECD 301B.

ActiScav S100

ActiScav S100 is a novel H2S Scavenger that is not based on Triazine or Glyoxal formulations. ActiScav S100 formulation is free of water and has a scavenging efficiency more than twice that of an equivalent Triazine based scavenger. This results in overall lower cost of treatment to the customer.ActScav S100 forms no insoluble polymers and also has one of the lowest nitrogen introduction compared to industry standard.

ActiScav HHT

Triazine based H2S scavenger for wide range of applications from acidizing fluids to production systems. ActiScav HHT irreversibly reacts with the hydrogen sulphide in a rapid and stoic metric manner to form stable,solublereaction products that will not be detrimental to the fluid.

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