A Unique Synergy of Skilled Expertise & Cutting Edge Technology

Actichem leverages emerging technologies and skilled expertise to offer a wide range of chemical solutions. The organization’s most rudimentary driver is a strong commitment to solving customer’s challenging operational problems through technology powered approach. Leveraging cumulative experience of a seasoned workforce, Team Actichem provides cutting edge oilfield chemical solutions suite that blends quality, customization and cost effectiveness.

Chemical solutions through innovation

The engineered chemical solutions segment is witnessing exponential growth as a niche business sector. Actichem is at the forefront of this industry, producing high quality products. All Actichem products are formulated to increase productivity, process efficiency and reduce operating costs.

We at Actichem have made it our mission to harbinger a revolution across the oilfield chemical solutions spectrum. Actichem’s specialized oilfield chemicals are devised to support oil well lifecycles. They ensure smooth functioning through various critical phases including drilling, cementing, production, stimulation, work-over & completion and transportation.

Our KPIs factor in quality, affordability and customization.The company derives inspiration and functional dynamics from a highly skilled manpower pool and emerging technologies. The organization’s operations are spearheaded by a set of highly motivated professionals with proven track records, set to take the oilfield chemical solutions to the next logical level.



  • ActiVES – Viscoelastic Surfactants for multiple applications
  • ActiSurf N – Nano-size surfactant formulation for enhanced flowback
  • ActiSurf 250 – Highly efficient nano-surfactant non-emuslifier
  • ActiFoam – High efficiency foaming surfactant for gas well deliquification

Corrosion & Scale Control

  • ActiCOR ACS – Acid Corrosion inhibitor range for wide temperature range
  • ActiCOR ACP – Multifunctional Corrosion and Scale prevention products
  • ActiStim – Scale dissolvers to treat almost any scale problems

Polymers & Co-Polymers

  • ActiFLAC – Proprietary Polymer blends for Fluid Loss control in cementing
  • ActiBlock – Stabilized SBR Latex emulsions for annular gas migration control

Biocides & H2S Scavengers

  • ActiCide MB – Innovative Biocide formulation for all oil & gas applications
  • ActiScav S100 – Novel H2S Scavenger formulation
  • ActiScav HHT – Triazine based H2S Scavengers

Wellbore Clean-up Solvents

  • ActiSolv C – Biodegradable Terpene hydrocarbons for Wellbore clean-up
  • ActiSolv M – Non-aromatic Wellbore clean-up solvents
  • ActiSolv SE – High flash-point asphaltene dissolver


Give us a call or drop your details below, our workspace experts will answer all enquiries within 12 hours on business days.

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